Technology, tradition and quality

For three generations and always with great passion, the Pistelli farm uses olives from its own olive groves, producing a high quality extra virgin olive oil typical of Umbria, in full respect of olive growing traditions but using modern technology to ensure better quality control of the product.

Cold pressing

The climate and geographical position of Umbria, the typical local cultivar of “Moraiolo” and “Frantoio” olives, the use of only natural fertilisers and the olives being manually harvesting and cold pressed within 24 hours in our company mill, all go to making an excellent quality extra virgin olive oil.

Certified procedure

All productive procedures, from attending to the land and plants until the bottling of the oil, strictly comply to the criteria of organic farming and have granted us the attainment of organic farming certificate for our oil since 1997.


The olives are manually harvested directly from the tree when they are perfectly ripe, everything else that falls to the ground is left and the olives are cold pressed within 24 hours. In this way the organoleptic composition of the oil is not altered in any way  (colour, smell, taste) as well as the chemical and nutritional composition (acidity, number of peroxides, vitamin E, antioxidant substances).


The resulting oil is not filtered, this is because its nutritional values must remain unaltered and especially the presence of polyphenols. The latter play an important antioxidant role which we strive to maintain throughout the work process, from harvesting to bottling. Only after an attentive decantation do we bottle the oil in dark green bottles that block the light thus reducing oxidation of the polyphenols and vitamin E plus any other undesired alterations of the oil.