Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For three generations, with great passion and only from olives of our groves in the heart of Umbria, we produce high quality Umbrian olive oil of the highest quality, in full respect of the olive tradition but also taking advantage of modern technologies to ensure greater control of product quality.


 Olive harvesting starts around the middle of October, when the olives begin to turn dark, and carries on until the end of December. It is mostly carried out manually, by cropping or with the help of tractors, this is not only because of the sloping land, but also because it is the best system to gather intact fruit. If the olives are bruised, enzymatic processes associated with decomposition are triggered that ruin the taste and aroma of the oil.

It is not only the respect for the horizontal times of nature that guarantees the goodness of a product.


Once collected the olives are placed in bins and briefly kept in protected and well-aired rooms in order to avoid the formation of mould.


There are three processes: crushing, mixing, pressing. Our mill is a cold pressing one with a controlled temperature of between 25 to 27°, in a continuous cycle; this means there is no interruption between one phase and the other, thus optimising times which benefit the final quality of the oil. We obtain extra virgin olive oil by simply centrifuging the olive pulp, it is fresh fruit juice that maintains the taste, aromas, natural ingredients and health benefits intact.


To optimise storage and thus avoid the heating or freezing of the extra virgin olive oil (factors that can cause chemical and organoleptic alterations of the same) the storage rooms are kept at a constant controlled temperature around 14-15°C. The different sized stainless steel containers guarantee an excellent storage for both the traceability of the different batches as well as having a circuit to introduce nitrogen. In this way the oil does not come into contact with oxygen and its chemical and organoleptic characteristics remain unaltered.


Transferring to containers is carried out by means of an automatic filler with the help of an operator. The cleanliness of the containers (glass bottles and tins), their integrity and absence of extraneous material inside are guaranteed and carefully controlled during the process phases, in accordance to current legislation concerning  H.A.C.C.P. in hygiene self-control. The cartons used for packing are made of 100% recycled paper. Our company also carries out an extra virgin olive oil bottling service in any shape or size for third parties.