40 hectares of land in p.d.o. Umbria

Our olive groves stretch over about 40 hectares of land partly owned and partly under direct management, located in a hilly area between 300 to 400 m. a.s.l. The farm is located in the P.D.O. UMBRIA region “Colli Assisi – Spoleto” which is considered Organic Agriculture. No particular pest control interventions are required due to the favourable pedo-climatic conditions and only certified organic fertilisers are used for the organic olive cultivation.


This cultivation has always been present in the area thanks to the calcareous soil and the protected but sunny position as can be seen by the numerous age-old olive trees, so many as to seem a permanent element of the landscape just like the hills. The trees are pruned in a polyconic-vase like shape which makes it easier to manually harvest.

Thanks to our agronomic knowledge we are able to select olives from single cultivars to also produce mono-varietal oils.



It is a rustic and undemanding plant, its oil is appreciated for its strong herbaceous aroma with intense bitter and spicy undertones.


This dark green oil with golden reflections is of an excellent quality: subtle. aromatic, sapid and fruity, with bitter and spicy undertones. Various aromas can be detected including: fresh grass, unripe apple, artichoke, marjoram, rosemary, lettuce, celery and almond.


The oil, golden yellow with a green hue, is of an excellent quality but does not have any strong aromatic concentrations; fresh, only slightly fruity, a little bitter and spicy; one can notice a touch of aromatic herbs (basil, mint), chicory, lettuce, artichoke and almond.

Certified traceability system

We have always believed in the principles of organic farming obtaining the product certificate “of organic farming” as far back as 1997. Weed control is carried out exclusively by the Suffolk breed of sheep which are left to roam freely and also organically provide the olive grove with fertilizer thus improving its production.