100% Italian extra virgin olive oil Tin

Extra virgin olive oil with organic farming certificate, made from selected olives having already reached a good level of ripeness, cold extracted by the continuous cycle method.

from 15 / 1lt


300/400 a.s.l.


Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino (local varieties)


Manually, with facilitator rakes or with the help of tractors.


November – December


Cold extract in a continuous cycle


Stainless steel containers without oxygen at 15°C


5000 ml, 3000 ml, 1000 ml

Italian extra virgin olive oil Concalma

Organoleptic characteristics

The characteristics of the land, cultivar, organic methods, harvesting and the extraction method all give this oil a significant aroma of yellow apple and tomato, while in the mouth it has a medium consistency with an almond finish. Bitter and spicy in harmony, ending with a discrete persistence. Clear, medium density, yellowy-green. An aroma of fresh olives and a delicate touch of yellow apple. It is harmonious in the mouth, rich, with a slight pungent taste at the end. To be used fresh on grilled lake fish, roast white meat, fruit and vegetable salads and broths. Also suitable for cooking.

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