Monovarietal moraiolo extra virgin olive oil Bag-in-Box

The extra virgin olive oil from 100% selected Moraiolo olives, manually harvested slightly before becoming fully ripe uncovers its herbaceous boost which has always distinguished it.

46 /3lt

92 in stock


300/400 a.s.l


100% Moraiolo


Manually, with facilitator rakes




Cold extract in a continuous cycle


Stainless steel containers without oxygen at 15°C


5000 ml, 3000 ml

Monovarietal moraiolo extra virgin olive oil

Organoleptic characteristics

To be enjoyed fresh on various dishes. This variety has an unmistakable herbaceous bitter flavour with dominant notes of artichoke, rocket and unripe almond. Intense with  a decisive bitter and spicy tang. Clear, medium fluidity and green in colour. The aroma gives out a balsamic nuance, almost minty, which makes one think of nettles and  finishing up with black pepper. The flavour is diffusely spicy, with a hint of laurel, cardoon, medicinal herbs and with a powerful and elegant touch of herbaceous plants. To be used fresh on grilled red meat and beef “tagliata” (thick slice of roast beef cut into thick slices), legume soups and especially chickpea, artichokes and cardoons.

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